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Since HoN was based on DotA the competition between them was inevitable. S2 did their best to make a game which offers a better gaming experience in every level – from gameplay, through balance, to technical details. So far, HoN has had huge advantage over the Warcraft 3 mod thanks to the fact that it used its own engine, specifically designed and created for the needs of a moba genre game like HoN. On the other hand, DotA suffered from many limitations in customization, as well as severe connection problems.

By providing a brand new engine S2 successfully dealt with all of the major problems DotA has. They implemented voice chat, reconnection option, build-in stat tracking, a matchmaking system (which works in the best possible way, no matter what most whiners say), plenty of mods, 1 additional map and a map editor, as well as option for fan-developers to make their own mods for the game. They also put great efforts in balancing, which was pretty hard with all the new heroes and items. The final result is a very good competitive game, well worth its price and promising many exciting hours of gameplay.

At the beginning of this year Valve announced they had bought the rights over DotA and together with IceFrog would work on a new game – DotA 2. For long time there were almost no information at all, until on the last GamesCon we saw the game in actual play. In fact, Valve organized a championship inviting the best DotA teams in the world – the winner takes $1 000 000. That definitely grabbed the attention of media. Now, when the championship is over, we can finally decide to ourselves if DotA 2 is going to replace HoN. The question which bothered everyone for months.

Short answer – no. Why? Because it has nothing to offer that surpasses what we already have in HoN. It looks like many people think DotA 2 is ugly, especially regarding hero models, but I am on the opposite opinion – I loved the models, I loved the colours, I loved the whole theme together with the music, sounds, visual effects, voices and everything. When I first moved to HoN, I was honestly disgusted by the look of most of the heroes, they didn’t appeal to me in anyway. Further more, because of the bright colours and loud visual effects in HoN, at first it was absolutely impossible for me to tell what the hell was going on on my screen whenever a team fight would start. It turned out it was a matter of time to get used to it and now I feel pretty comfortable with how the game looks. But let’s get back to dota2. In order to compete with HoN, it has to show that it successfully deals with the major problems, which HoN currently has. Let’s see what are those problems: 1) server issues; 2) poor customer service; 3) …

Seriously, I know that most people complain non-stop about how Matchmaking puts them with low-skill players, how it is not possible to make it out of the 1200 bracket, how there are too many leavers and griefers and trolls and noobs, and the community sux as hell. But there is NO REASON to believe that DotA 2 would be ANY different! There is no way on earth Valve team would manage to prevent this from happening in their game, too. In fact, I am almost sure the same problems will exist in DotA2. The same goes for the server issues. As for the customer service… In 2 years of play I didn’t need to use the customer service even once. I know I am not going to use it in the future.

What about the gameplay? What about the balance? What about the metagame? Well, it will be different, that’s for sure. But would it be better? I doubt it. There is no objective way to judge whether a moba game is well balanced or not, whether the metagame is better or not. It would be up to every player to decide which one suits him and chose which one to play. Almost all HoN players would try DotA 2 and after a while, some would stick with it, some would go back to HoN. DotA2 didn’t dare to be innovative, original and to brake the rules of moba genre that its ancestor set so long ago. It is just the same familiar game, nothing exciting, nothing earth shaking.

Nothing that would make me leave HoN.

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  1. The author of this article is an idiot says:

    You’re honestly the biggest dumbass in the world. The whole point of Dota 2 isn’t to be innovative, it’s to mimic an already existing game on a better platform, since the old one is very outdated. HoN is the same game with multiple unbalanced game balances. The heros may be individually balanced, sure but throw in the ‘creative’ items S2 makes and the game shifts in favor of various heros… Dota 2 is just the good old dota we know and love without the disconnects forcing you to -switch in a pub

    • Anonymous says:

      I love your words, and your name that totally fits my current mindset. Omaigod HoN is just so so so so so so imba, and the business minded creater with limiting hero pool to normal players really worsen the gaming experience. This is not that we buy the game then the problem is solved, the other 9 players have to unlock the hero pool as well. Otherwise, urgh, prepare to see the same old faces in every game.

  2. So you basically repeat what I already said. The point is not whether DotA 2 had to be innovative or not. The point is, that without it, it is not going to attract HoN players who are already used to HoN, based only on its “supposedly” better servers and “hopefully” better mm. It is not enough. Yeah, sure old DotA fans would move on to DotA2… Except those of them, who do not want to spend money on something, they already have for free. Do you know how much would DotA2 cost? I don’t either. But I bet it is going to have heroes for sale like hon and lol, or it is going to have a monthly fee like most MMOs. It is a game that requires constant support and so requires constant cash income. How many legacy HoN players would be tempted by that? Not many. You see them crying for “oh, noes, new announcement so expensive!!!” imagine their reaction if they had to pay for something they actually needed. So, no, dota2 is not the huge treat to HoN it was expected to be.

  3. Aforis says:

    I would say there is a good amount of people that will move just because its called dota 2,another amount will move because of friends.As of myself when i joined the HoN beta and preorder it,it was because i tough they would just clone my good old dota. They didnt but still all the features made it finally enjoyable to play a game.

    Dota is like counter-strike,it can be update but you just cant change is core.The game doesnt need to innovate,dont repair what is not broken.

    HoN had his chance ,they could have allowed custom map/mode,ported more Dota hero,they didn’t.The day i saw that crappy goblin trying to sell me stuffs at expensive unrealistic price i know the game was doomed after that we got all the unbalanced heroes that are fun to play but aren’t fun to play against.

    Il keep playing HoN for a while,but when Dota 2 will be released im not going to come back,il join the 8 millions people on the real competitive scene.

  4. TriaX says:

    Whoaw, almost got no words for what I just read. DotA1 is far more competitive than hon, in fact DotA1 has millions of players, while hon has never really more than 50k people online at once(?).
    When it comes to gameplay and balance, there is no doubt that DotA1 is already superior to hon.
    In DotA1 there is never new heroes that goes right into competitive play, it takes months or years or maybe never before a new hero gets added to the -cm pool, and new heroes comes months apart. Hon release new heroes every 2 weeks which doesn’t help their game balance much, it makes it a lot more imbalanced.

    Please get a clue before you even write this stuff, you got no clue about DotA at all it seems.

  5. Blythe says:

    “But there is NO REASON to believe that DotA 2 would be ANY different! There is no way on earth Valve team would manage to prevent this from happening in their game, too. In fact, I am almost sure the same problems will exist in Dota 2.”

    This is an argument from ignorance, just because you cannot think of a way this could be done does not mean “there is no way on earth.” Not to mention we have already seen that Valve has a karma system that could at the very least help deal with trolls.

    “The same goes for the server issues.”

    Yeah completely dismiss the fact that Valve is a much larger company and already runs servers for other games without any problems. I also love how you do this in a single sentence with literally zero justification or reasoning.

    “There is no objective way to judge whether a moba game is well balanced or not, whether the metagame is better or not.”

    You’re right there is not an objective way to determine if one game is more balanced, but looking at the practices one can easily see the better system. Icefrog has always given new heroes tons of testing time, having months of testing for new changes and community feedback from pros all along the way.

    “DotA2 didn’t dare to be innovative”

    Because change for the sake of change is not smart. Dota 1 still has an evolving and interesting meta-game and does not need revamping. However, the engine that the game is running on is outdated, so all the innovation and much of the development is focused on the client rather than the in game mechanics.

  6. TKB says:

    Thank you, I needed a good laugh :) .

  7. superkev says:

    I’m a HON player and a big fan (and will probably play both games) but this article is simply factually incorrect. DOTA 2 does address many of the issues that plague games on HON.

    BOTs are introduced which has lots of implications such as finally having a useful practice mode (which HON doesn’t have), allows them to take over for dropped players (a big thing since you lose games because you are stranded all the time).

    Karma system and Mentor systems are in there both should limit the many griefers and trolls. HON has to have a record number of trolls for any game so even with the reporting system they have work to do there.

    Looks like S2 will introduce many if not all of these things in the future and has tried hard to improve the game across the board. It seems something similar to casual mode won’t be implemented in DOTA 2 (which makes for much faster games). S2 certainly gets an E for effort and I look forward to see if they can keep the feature rolling in.

    The fact that HON is F2P combined with the fact DOTA 2 will certainly have issues to be worked out on release will prob negate the potential for an exodus.

  8. Yes, I see your point, but it is more like wishful thinking that all those implemented stuff will at the end work flawlessly. Karma and Mentor systems are there and they SHOULD limit trolling. But I doubt it. I just don’t believe it is possible to find the right balance between letting the kids play and have fun and at the same time placing limits and boundaries. I am really skeptical about the bots as well. I expect them to be stupid and as a compensation – overpowered. Playing vs bots is going to have very little effect on improving ones skills. Not that I mind having them as an option for the times when I want to play offline or just explain the basics to a friend, but I can be just fine without them.

    When I think about whether dota2 would be awesome or not, I just see that it is more likely for it to be just a very common moba game, with a few advantages and a few disadvantages but nothing really ground braking as some people seem to believe. And again – we should just wait and see.

  9. dota2 says:


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