Dark Lady HoN Guide, Skill Build, Item Build

Dark Lady HoN Guide

Dark Lady HoN Guide

The Dark Lady is one of the hard carries in HoN. Once equipped with her core items she becomes a good match for any other hero. Even though her ultimate doesn’t help her much in 1 vs 1 battles, her other skills are enough to make her a descent killing machine. The carry potential comes from her first skill - Dark Blades. It increases her attack damage with percentage of her current agility. In addition, when activated, it lets Dark Lady silence any enemy she hits. This synergies very well with her R skill - Charging Strikes. It is a pseudo-blink that gets Dark Lady close to the target or lets her escape when a danger approaches. But that’s not all. It also buffs the Dark Lady’s attack speed, letting her place quite a few auto attacks after initiation. While moving with Charging Strikes, she deals one attack to each enemy that passes within radius of self. Each consecutive attack during the charge will deal 15% less damage than the previous.Taint Soul is the W skill and it is there to make it even harder for the target to escape. It is a slow and it also deals small damage. With those three skills she is a treat to any enemy.

  • Skill Build

I know it is a cliche, but the skill build is situational. One point on Taint Soul is almost always a good decision – it has low cd, low mana-cost, helps you chase someone, escape from someone, kill from a distance, last hit creeps and basically you never know when you will need it. Maxing charging strikes first lets gives you better escape mechanism and better initiation, because the difference in range with each level is significant. The attack speed bonus is also not something to underestimate. However, maxing Dark Blades also has its advantages – the additional damage is not so great early in the game, but without the silence she is an easy target for any nuker. Personally I recommend charging strikes over dark blades, for me it works better in most situations. With 1 point on Taint Soul and 1 point on Dark Blades. Ultimate is to be taken whenever possible.

  • Item Build

A shield will help you deal with harass during laning phase. A hatchet, combined with Taint Soul, will grant you easy last hits on creeps from a safe distance. Steamboots are a good choice, giving her the much needed HP early game and the quite important agility late game. Ghost Marchers are also possible. The one absolute core item for Dark Lady is Runed Cleaver. It is core on many melee carries, but it works a lot better on Dark Lady thanks to her E skill. Whenever she uses Charging Strikes, the splash damage from the Runed Cleaver applies for each target she hits. Whenever she goes trough a group of enemy creeps, the outgoing damage is HUGE. Make the math yourself if you don’t believe me. From there you have a really wide choice of good items, that will suite her well. Shrunken Head is nice, since you will often be in the middle of the teamfights. Frostburn also looks like it was designed specially for her – it increases her HP pool, the agility combines with her Q and the attack speed buff with her E, she makes a good use of the movement speed and the additional slow is always handy. Any item which has a chance to proc is good thanks to the high attack speed she has after Charging Strikes – think about Riftshards and Savage Mace. According to the game you can also consider Nullfire Blade, Harkon’s Blade, Frostwolf Skull, Wingbow, Shieldbraker. Even Symbol of Rage, if you feel you already have enough damage. Just stay away from Charged Hammer and Elder Parasite…

  • Dark Lady Guide

Early on, don’t forget to use Taint Soul and Hatchet to get the last hits on creeps. Be careful and don’t try anything risky – you are still quite fragile and not scary at all. Any caster can deal with you easily. Try your best to get Runed Cleaver as early as possible. Now you can farm quick, not only because you deal a lot of damage, but also because you have pretty good mana and hp regeneration and don’t need to go back to the base every now and then. By now you should be able to take on most enemies in one-on-one fights. Look for loners and attack them. Be careful around team fights, at least until you get your Shrunken Head. Don’t forget to use Dark Blades before Charging Strikes and always try to go trough as much enemies as possible. That way you will silence them for a while. (Charging Strikes also applies other attack modifiers like those from Frostburn and Shieldbraker.) Use your ult on the map whenever your team got in a fight, even if you are not there. Not only you can save an ally, but in case your team kills an enemy you get gold for assistance.

I think that’s about all. Good Luck.

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