Geomancer Guide, Skill Build, Item Build Review


Geomancer HoN Guide

I few months ago I wrote a post on Geomancer – a community developed melee hero with some powerful spells. This Friday it will be here for us to play. (Well, not if it is for sale for EA…) There is already an official spotlight video for Geomancer and I am going to write about the skills and eventual item builds.

If you have seen the video (and if you haven’t – you should do that in the video spotlight section) you already have a basic idea of how the spells go:

Dig (Q) – burrows underground and charges in straight line stunning and damaging enemies in the area of hit appearance.

 Quicksand (W) – sets an area that slows enemy’s attack and movements speed;

Earth’s Grasp (E) – adds damage over time to a target;

Crystal Field (R)  - damages and disables enemies in a defined area;

Dig obviously would be his most effective and most useful skill, as it is perfect for both ganks and as an escape mechanism. It has remarkably long range and goes through cliffs and woods. Together with Quicksand, Dig may grant easy sure kills on anyone who overextends on lane. Earth’s Grasp low cooldown and low manacost allow for it to be spamed. This is highly needed to compensate for the fact that Geomancer is a melee intelligence hero, who has no other way to harass enemies. Spam E to keep fragile heroes on low hp and nervous. The ultimate is hard to land, meaning that enemies know where it is going to appear and would most likely move away from it. You will have to be very precise in combining it with the stun of Q and the slow of W. In the perfect scenario, Geomancer will have by his side Bubbles, Tempest, Engineer, KotF – heroes who can keep enemies at place.

As soon as the early stage is over and the possibilities for ganks are limited, Geomancer would be extremely useful as a top initiator. That would put him in the heat of the battle, he will need some survivability. Make sure to get him a Helm of the Black Legeon and later a Shrunken Head. Barier Idol is also a good pick, depending on the enemy team. Besides from that, being highly dependent of positioning, a tablet of command can also be useful.

Don’t forget, that this hero is a support hero and should be played like that. Any other way would be a waste of his potential.

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