Pebbles HoN Guide, Skill Build, Item Build

Pebbles Guide HoN

Pebbles Guide HoN

Pebbles is a nuker. He has a powerful combo, that deals large amount of damage. Early and mid game he can kill most heroes in an instant, just by combining his two spells – Q and W. Ganks are his specialty and he should always look for enemies who tend to overextend or go solo, then attack them surpisingly. You would almost always see him equipped with a portal key. This item makes him really dominate the map early and mid game. Later the effect from his spells tend to fade, though his area stun and additional damage from his ult still makes him a force to be reckoned with.

  • Pebbles Skill Build

Start with 1 point on Stalagmites – you may need the stun to escape from an early gank or to chase a stupid enemy. Then level Chuck and Stalagmites with priority on Chuck and take Enlarge when possible. Use chuck for harass when appropriate. You can hit enemies from afar (care not to toss your ally, he will be pissed.) Slab Skin is a great skill, too bad the others are better. You take it last. Then stats.

  • Pebbles Item Build

It is really important to buy something that will increase your stats as a starting item, to make sure you will have enough mana to cast both of your spells – Q and W – as soon as you hit level 2. I usually use 2 minor totems (and later turn them into a power supply if appropriate) but it is also possible to get a mark of the novice and later upgrade it to Blood Chalice. Take a mana potion as well. Once you get your marchers, try to buy a Ring of Sorcery. That will solve your mana problem. If your enemies are too careful and you can’t get a kill on them, use your spells to clear creep waves. You need gold really fast to buy a Portal Key. As soon as you have it you have full control over the map. Upgrade your marchers to steamboots to increase survivability. Then you can go for a tanky build with a breastplate, frostfield and behe’s heart. Or get spellshards to keep your combo devastating for enemies throughout the game.

The most important thing to remember is that stalagmites deal twice the damage on units affected by Chuck. This means that when you stun someone and then chuck him on the same spot, he gets double damage from Stalagmites. See the video billow for better understanding of this.

Good Luck.

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