Predator HoN Guide, Skill Build, Item Build

predator hon guide

predator hon guide

If you’ve played long enough you have surely been in a situation where an enemy predator destroys your team and you are completely helpless to do anything to stop him. The truth is, Preda is an excellent hero and – unlike other hard carries – he doesn’t have a weak spot. Nothing that you can take advantage early on to shut him down. He can last hit easily thanks to his great attack animation and high damage, he can take harassment like a man and his build in lifesteal lets him stay on the lane. Even if you manage to shut him down and keep him away from the creeps, he can easily jungle and get the farm he needs. His leap combined with his survivability makes him a threat to consider early game and his scaling Carnivorius makes him even more dangerous late game. He is the perfect killing machine – dies hard, hits hard and has high attack and movement speed.

  • Predator Skill Build

Venomous Leap is the skill you need to max prior to anything else. The damage it deals is significant early on and the slow makes it easy to chase the target during laning phase. It’s low cooldown would even let you leap on someone twice if needed. Put a point on stone hide when you hit level 2. That’s a must because it lets you disjoint negative buffs like slither’s poison, voodoo jester’s cursed ground etc. Also, after you leap on someone, you get inside the danger zone – too close to the enemy, too far from your teammate – and will be focused with a few spells. Stone hide would help you survive. However, one point would be just enough to do that so the rest of your levels you would distribute between venomous leap and carnivorous. The carnivorous life steal lets you keep your hp up once you ran out of runes of blight and it would allow you to jungle if needed. Your ult is great and idealy should be taken whenever possible. However, it requires lots of mana. I have noticed that usually I am short on mana at any moment early in the game and almost never I have the chance to cast it after a venomous leap. That is why I tend to take it a bit later – level 7 or 8 – unless I am foreseeing a teamfight starting soon.

  • Predator Item Build

Predator is an extremely item dependent hero but if played well his farm should be sufficient. Always get a hatchet to farm efficiently. During the laning phase aim for steam boots and Insanitarius. Steam boots on strength give 10 damage, 190 HP, and 25 Attack Speed (which scales with Carnivorous). Getting Ghost Marchers is an absolute bull-shit. The Insanitarius is a good item for two reasons: first, it is made by several cheap and valuable items; second, because on activation it gives you additional HP, making you hard to be killed, and additional movement speed making it hard for anyone to escape. Later, get yourself a Sol’s Bulwark and put it on minus aura. Combined with your ult it will demolish enemies armor which then will make your carnivorous deal devastating damage. Now your goal is to increase this effect even more by getting a Shield Breaker. By now you should be pretty powerful. Go on with completing the Daemonic and then a behemoth’s heart (if you need more survivability) or riftshards (if you need more damage). According to the situation, Frostwolf’s Skull is also a very good pick on Predator, as the Icebrand is easy to get early-game and provides additional slow as well as strength. Just don’t combine it with the Shield Braker – the attack modifiers don’t stack.

Though Predator can jungle, he is not a jungling hero – he can survive there and take out the neutrals, but his gold per minute would be low. He better stay on the lane, unless jungling with it is not a part of a more complicated strategy with a solo partner on lane. Even then, gank as much as possible. Use your venomous leap to bravely jump on harassed opponents and take them out. When getting into a team fight, think about what would be the best time to activate your stone hide. Preda is an excellent initiator but he is also THE Carry, so if you have a magmus or tempest, or keeper of the forest, let them do their job. And remember – there is nothing shameful in buying wards.

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