Solstice Guide, Skill Build, Item Build

Solstice Guide

She is a melle strength hero. What makes her unique is that her abilities are affected by the day/night cicle.  Let’s have a closer look at Solstice Skills:

Q: Blinding Rush (daytime) – Solstice charges an enemy quite like Legionaire does. Upon impact she damages and stuns the enemy for a short duration. During the charge and a little afterwards her physical and magical armor is increased.

Q: Shadow Dash (night time) – Solstice charges an enemy, but instead of stunned he is slowed, and she gains extra attack speed for her following attacks. During the charge, she becomes invisible.

E: Illuminate (daytime) – Targets an area to reveal for the next 8 seconds. Invisible units within the area are revealed and they also get damaged for every second they remain within the area.

E: Luminescence (nighttime) – Targets an area to reveal. Even if the invisible units leave the targeted area, they remain revealed for 8 seconds. Solstice get bonus movement and attack speed.

E: Solar Slash (daytime) – this is a passive skill that adds cleave damage and lifesteal.

E: Crescent Strike (Nighttime) – the amount of bonus damage is increased significantly during the night. The cleave effect is missing as a compensation.

F: Breath of Soul (daytime) – targets an area in a cone in front of Solistice to deal damage and slow affected enemies. It is a chanelling spell and the longer you chanel the greater the effect. Up to three seconds.

F: Lunar Judgement (nighttime) – Works similar to the Breath of Soul, but instead of slow it applies fear.

Skill and Item Build

The skill build depends on your playstile, on your enemies, on your teammates. In any case, your Q skill is the one you should focus on. If you are facing a scout or night hound, Illuminate would be perfect counter. Otherwise it might be pretty useless early on. The passive E would help you farm more quickly, and also give you a good advantage against solo enemies during the night. I see Solstice much like Predator. Q is getting her close to the enemy and slowing him. The passive grants her lifesteal and bonus damage and lets her farm in the woods quickly. Build her like a Predator – Insanitarius, Daemonic Breastplate, Frostburn, Symbol of Rage, Frostwolf;s Skull.

How to play Solstice 

Pay attention to how her skills change at day and night and use it to your advantage. During the day, it is much easier to farm with the passive cleave bonus. You are more usefull with other teammates around and in teamfights. At night, you are a better hunter. You should be looking for lone enemies to kill quickly and disappear.

Solstice Video Spotlight

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